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Air flow seat cover

Air-Flow Seat Covers have been designed and manufactured especially for the South African climate. A unique seat cover design for motorcycles , scooters and ATV’s.

The Air-Flow seat cover is a new and revolutionary product.

It’s made of a unique elastic substance cut to different sizes for all kinds of motorcycles ,scooters and ATV’s.

Air-Flow is made of a 3D net elastic substance that forms a unique shape while riding.

The wind flows from several directions and creates a separation between the rider`s body and the seat itself.

This ensures absolute prevention of moisture while sitting on the cover during both long and short distance rides.

It will change your riding experience !.


In addition to all mentioned above , Air-flow is super comfortable and reduces slipping while seated. It also does not retain heat and water and therefore it is suitable to use through all seasons !

Air-Flow seat cover is made out of an extremely resistant substance made to protect the seat from tears and other climate damages.

Air-Flow is easy to install and simple to clean and maintain.

Let the fun begin !.

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